10 Days Until Iceland

Hey guys, 

I hope you've all been following along on Hannah's instagram @hannaheden_fitness and social media feed about all things Iceland and Serene Soldier! We leave in less than 2 weeks. (Absolutely having all the emotions) Right now it's crunch time for everything you could possibly think of... twice a day training sessions, eating my face off so I can keep up with all the training, and helping planning every minuscule detail for this crazy journey. Stressed doesn’t even cover it. (It doesn’t help when you’re an organized and control freak like myself)

But when shit starts to get difficult and the stress kicks in, I try my best to remember why we're doing this! Why I'm even doing anything of this... for Momma Bear. I would not be here in this position today if it wasn't for what happened to her. We're doing this for her! And not only for Jess but for all others who have lost their battle, the ones who are currently fighting, and those who have survived. Anyone and everyone can email us at info@findtheroad.org with your own stories, photos, etc...to let us know who you want us to dedicate one of the 826.6 miles to. 828.6 miles is a long way and when it gets trying and we feel like our bodies are giving up, we're going to need all those emotions to push us through and remember why we decided to embark on this madness to begin with. 

I know Jess has been here with me along the way as well as Hannah. Especially on the days I feel like I can't do this, like I just want to lay in bed all day and cry. Those awful days when sadness creeps in and I feel sorry for myself, which isn't often at all, but when reality hits, it hits me like a fucking tsunami...Then my mind races with every thought imaginable..Why did this happen to her? Why our family? How could God take her from us, from the kids!? I just get upset at the world in general. Jess was always my ground, my home base, my best friend, my Florida momma. And when I’m having those "down" days she always lets me know to toughen up, but at the same time that it's flat out going to be okay. Simple things like a cardinal in Hannah's back yard that always flys by while I'm out there, or a butterfly that flies past me when I'm thinking in my head, "I can be done for tonight, I don't want to run another mile, I quit." She's always there with me and that’s when I push even harder. Some people get through by thinking like that, those some people would include myself. 

This Iceland trip may be a once in a lifetime opportunity that very few people ever get to experience and it gives me peace knowing we are going for her. But deep down I know she's going to be right there beside Hannah and I the whole time. Emotion is a powerful thing, your mind is a powerful thing, and you have the ability to decide whether or not you want that power to be negative or positive. Jess was always realistic. More of a glass half full kind of woman. I took a lot from her and learned so much. From growing up with her, till even those last handful of months, her strength, grace, mind over matter attitude, and fearlessness she presented never changed. I have no words for that. It was both heart-breaking and breathtaking to watch, she truly was a warrior...a Serene Soldier. 

This is for her! For everyone and their loved loves who has been affected by cancer. This is for Serene Soldier, Inc., so that she may never be forgotten. So we will be able to continue to have a positive impact on those who are affected by cancer during the holiday season like our family was... So that in memory of her we can continue to help make positive holiday memories like we so graciously had done for us this past Christmas. You can be a part of that by supporting us on this journey..

10 more days.



Talk to you on the Road.


Hannah Eden